SEMI BESPOKE Free first appointment

SEMI BESPOKE Free first appointment


Semi Bespoke means the dress is based on one of the existing collection samples, but you would like some small changes to be made (ie changing sleeves, shortening skirt, changing lace details …)

We’ll go through a first consultation understanding your need and what you would like to achieve.

Dress will be adjusted to your measurements and you will need to be available for one fitting.

Price for a semi bespoke dress is selected dress price + £600 (+additional fabric price if you decide to change the fabric of dress selected). Once we have your sketch approved we can give you a final quote. Please consider at least 3 month from beginning to completion. Deposit is required before starting any sketches.

We offer flexible working time and we can give you the option to come and see us or we can come and visit you.

If you gave further questions please get in touch

Free first appointment. Please book your appointment below.

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