Unique and romantic yet with a twist of chic/risqué our brand will embodies passion, innovation and sublime elegance; telling a modern fairy tale story born from music and art inspiration.

A unique combination of darkly romantic aesthetic with a modern twist, Cristina’s couture workmanship epitomises the use of diaphanous layers and nude linings. Her stunning light translucent skirted gowns are cut with hand-finished bodices using delicate lace, appliques and embroidery.

With a true love for lace, the collections are crafted upcycling rare vintage lace, expertly restored and meticulously hand- embellished at Cristina’s studio as well as designing from the finest modern European laces and natural fabrics; or experimenting with the Italian tradition of crochet to create contemporary silhouettes.

Beautiful balance of youthful sophistication, luxury and a touch of flamboyance, Cristina Adami is the brand for the glamorous free-spirited woman who appreciates haute couture craftsmanship with a sexy contemporary feel.

For brides who don’t want another 'wedding dress' but a dream dress that encapsulates their unique story.


All our garments are made in Italy and London.