There are various options to suit your needs, budget and time-scale. You can choose the ready made collection online and trying it in the comfort of your home or you can book a one-on-one appointment with Cristina, at which you can view a wider selection of samples, browse pieces available to take away that day, or commission a made-to-measure or fully bespoke creation.

To make an appointment or if you need more information, contact:


·       Prices from £70 (tops) £350 (dresses)

One-off collection

·       Made with one-of-a-kind antique lace sourced from the UK, France or Italy.

·       Prices from £100 (tops) £1000 (dresses).


·       Made in your precise measurements.

·       Minor changes to the design can be made.

·       There will be an initial appointment, a half-way fitting and a final fitting

·       Requires a minimum of two months.

·       Prices from £1,000 - £3,000, tops from £500


·       Designed uniquely for you and made in your precise measurements.

·       Includes inspiration, mood board, colour scheme, fabric selection, sketches, toile and dress fittings, accessory styling.

·       There will be an initial appointment, a half-way fitting and a final fitting.

·       Requires at least three months.

·       Prices from £2.500.



All categories include Ready made collection, Samples (depending on availabilty) and One-Off pieces.

All categories can be ordered Made-to-Measure.

ATELIER BRIDE / dramatic styles with haute couture techniques

NOVELTY BRIDE / contemporary styles with latest fashion details

DANCING BRIDE / luxury reception dresses with a touch of fun

BEACH BRIDE / sophistication with emphasis on lightness and freedom

KNITS AND CROCHET / boho silhouettes designed with traditional handmade techniques

EVENING AND PARTY / playful styles designed with unique laces

NOT JUST FOR BRIDES / versatile dresses designed with easiness and freedom

COUTURE TOPS /  one off pieces designed with vintage laces and curious finding

BESPOKE ACCESSORIES / limited edition accessories with couture details

SHOP THE PRESS / unique styles who have inspired press and editorials

ILLUSTRATIONS / sketches and illustrations that created the collection